From Rough to delicate

This is the foundemental to most makers and craftsman.
here youl see the projects that have been recorded. there are many others that have not been made but not documented.
Explore below to see some examples.

custom made basic finished portable wood lap-desk to house a keaboard and drawing tablet
A custom made paint booth with ventilaion and lighting designed to fit in a 10 x 10 space, this can translate weel to a photo booth also
Damaged wood repair. in this case the material shrded rather the cleanly broken.
one slide on this drawer was missing and needed a custom made on to fit in its place. budget was kept low so the wood isnt an exact match, but the founction had returned.
Custom made martial arts Wooden Dummy practiing moves. but this one is designed to be modular and easy to take down and transport.
Custom chess board made from mahagony and crotch walnut. the pattern for the tilse are endgrain vs face grain
Custom wood grain trim for interior of a 300zx, this project is still in dovelopment.

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Service Examples
rough carpentry. This would circulate around diy/ home and yard wooden projects. sheds, dog houses, basic framing hamer and nail style of work
Furniture repair best work at saving, preserving, repairing, giving new life to worn or damaged furniture. some repairs depeinding on level of damage may be best to have a refinish done also.
light custom furniture or wooden creations shoe shelfs, shelving, wooden decor, platforms, boxes, organizing and storage designs. There is such a wide array of examples but all narrow to one concept of serving a founction.
fine wood working this is the more precise kind of work. were measurments need to be precicely exact and hev a certain grade of final finish. amlost equivilent to metal work. chess boards, bowls, cutting boards, knife handles, guitars, speaker boxes, and many more.

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