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Down below is a few if my work that has been documented.
Most times i get carried away and forget to record the process.
Luckily these few below i did capture a snap!
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Damaged Momento Mailbox Repair
Nightstand Furniture Refinish
Full 1987 300zx Paintjob
Vg30 Engine Refinish

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Painting Services Examples
Interior painting Walls, Decorations, Floors, Trims the basic typical house painting and decor plus more. common paint of choice is usually accrylics, and latex paints.
Plastics This can range for many types, being such an easy material to adhere to, but to keep it simple, ABSs Polyester PVCs. Many paint types can work with plastics as long as the surface has been correctly prepped.
Wood There are two main ways to color wood. Stains or paint. But the Tecchniques to apply the two vary. Also wood Burning is another form of coloring wood
Metals Metal has One vary basic rule. PREP!. without a solid prep that paint wil not stick!. Currently powder coating isnt something i can offer at the time.
Glass Glass is an odd material to paint. But isnt impossible
Porus fabrics There is room for learning here. Ive done a few experiments that have seemed to hold up.

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