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Down below are a few exaples of what can be done. These are the projects that have been recorded for you to see.
Most of these projects include some form of a basic service offerd. Some with more advanced levels of skill also.
Eplore below to learn more about the services offerd that may be in you benifit!

Hand made Stainess Steel Exaust Flange
Handforged layerd fixed Blade Knife
Custom GT Inspire Valve Covers
Custom Headlight FLap Replacement For Vintage Car
Custom sit stool made from a real cylinder head

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Service Examples
Metal polishing Bringing a metal object to a mirror shine. this works for many forms or mettalic objects that are original in form. Plated metals such as chrome wheels, or even door knobs can also be polished but with some possible restrictions.
General Welding General house or residential repairs that may involve a welder. Diy home repair. Diy automotive repairs involving a welder
custom metal fabrications this can range from simple grills modifications, to custom fire-pits. metal home decor, metal scuptures basic thing guage metal work. weldable materials include stainless steel, steel, and alluminum. copper and brass will have to be brazed.
light automotive Dent repair. some light duty dent repairs. paintless dent repair is an option but will depend on location of dent
Light blacksmithing work Generaly this will be for simple iron shaping. some light fordge welding. plese contact for better informatin on this subject

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