Some service examples

Painting Services Examples
Interior painting Walls, Decorations, Floors, Trims the basic typical house painting and decor plus more. common paint of choice is usually accrylics, and latex paints.
Plastics This can range for many types, being such an easy material to adhere to, but to keep it simple, ABSs Polyester PVCs. Many paint types can work with plastics as long as the surface has been correctly prepped.
Wood There are two main ways to color wood. Stains or paint. But the Tecchniques to apply the two vary. Also wood Burning is another form of coloring wood
Metals Metal has One vary basic rule. PREP!. without a solid prep that paint wil not stick!. Currently powder coating isnt something i can offer at the time.
Glass Glass is an odd material to paint. But isnt impossible
Porus fabrics There is room for learning here. Ive done a few experiments that have seemed to hold up.
Graphic & Designs Examples
vynal cutting custom vynal graphics, sizes vary based on the design fit. examples include windsheild banners, glass vynals, stencils, stickers.
3D signage Takes vynal grahics but places the graphic on substrate to make it stand out. substrates often range from wood or metal.
Art work weather you want to enlarge an original piece. or request a large format piece.
SWood working Examples
rough carpentry. This would circulate around diy/ home and yard wooden projects. sheds, dog houses, basic framing hamer and nail style of work
Furniture repair best work at saving, preserving, repairing, giving new life to worn or damaged furniture. some repairs depeinding on level of damage may be best to have a refinish done also.
light custom furniture or wooden creations shoe shelfs, shelving, wooden decor, platforms, boxes, organizing and storage designs. There is such a wide array of examples but all narrow to one concept of serving a founction.
fine wood working this is the more precise kind of work. were measurments need to be precicely exact and hev a certain grade of final finish. amlost equivilent to metal work. chess boards, bowls, cutting boards, knife handles, guitars, speaker boxes, and many more.
Metal working Examples
Metal polishing Bringing a metal object to a mirror shine. this works for many forms or mettalic objects that are original in form. Plated metals such as chrome wheels, or even door knobs can also be polished but with some possible restrictions.
General Welding General house or residential repairs that may involve a welder. Diy home repair. Diy automotive repairs involving a welder
custom metal fabrications this can range from simple grills modifications, to custom fire-pits. metal home decor, metal scuptures basic thing guage metal work. weldable materials include stainless steel, steel, and alluminum. copper and brass will have to be brazed.
light automotive Dent repair. some light duty dent repairs. paintless dent repair is an option but will depend on location of dent
Light blacksmithing work Generaly this will be for simple iron shaping. some light fordge welding. plese contact for better informatin on this subject

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